Branding, UX & UI Design, Product Design & Product Photography, Video Editing & Animation
unlearn. is a company that uses various services and products that center around human rights and social justice. Their vision is to provoke thought and inspire positive change
The main project I was brought on for was for the redesign of their website. started off by out completing an analysis of the site as it was and highlighted some of the problems that we were encountering and how I proposed to fix them. Some of these problems included long text columns, lack of text hierarchy, duplicate pages, and dead or missing links, and unclear communication. As seen below.
After creating some wireframes and a new site map (as seen below), we first encountered some bottlenecks that resulted in minimal changes, such as, more imagery, and adding some columns with minimal code, and updating the general communication and delivery of messages.  
After some more time and resources, we were able to revisit the original wireframes and execute our original plans by building from scratch. The final site is more sleek and modern and utilizes a system that is well organized and easy to follow and able to communicate effectively with our multiple target audiences. With our new use of imagery, icon use, and color choices, we were able to establish a consistent brand that follows us through our various social and other business sites. As seen below.
Along with the website redesign, I worked on various projects and established consistent branding that spoke to unlearn. multiple target audiences, and worked cohesively together.  Some of these projects included social media ads, intro animation screens for two different youtube shows, a car wrap that was on a mission to Ottawa in collaboration with our mural installers, funky sock designs for our product store, and some icons designs that were made for the website. Find all below. 
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